Winter and Roof Damage: Inspect Your Roof

Winter can be fun, but it can also be harsh. It can inflict damage on you, your family, and your home. The cold winter winds, ice, snow, and all that typically comes with winter are hard on your home, and your roof. Shingles are susceptible to cracking and leaks, ice dams cause moisture problems, and more. Inspect for roof damage this winter, or immediately after.

Winter Roof Damage

Snow and Icicles on Roof

Address Winter Roof Damage Now.

There are many ways winter can damage your roof, and you might not notice since you’re not up there. Ice dams, for example, are a problem in a wet winter. Warm air in your home rises to your attic, and then to your roof. If there is snow and ice on the roof, that will melt. Then, it trickles to the edge and re-freezes, creating an ice dam that weighs down your roof and lets moisture into the shingles. To prevent this, you need good attic and roof insulation and ventilation. To fix it, you need professional roofers.

That attic can also become too moist. Excess moisture in your attic affects the roof support. The wood gets mold and mildew, and if it’s left to sit, you could end up with a roof ready to collapse, at worst. Again, good insulation and ventilation can help prevent this. It is also why your roof needs an inspection for the winter; you might not realize you have this issue until it’s too late.

Inspect your roof for winter roof damage. You may find nothing, but if there is something to find, you want it repaired immediately. Contact Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting today for your roofing services in Chester, PA. Call 267-622-7158.