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High-Traffic Flooring Solutions

If your building’s flooring looks scuffed or is showing signs of wear, it may be time for a new flooring solution. For high-traffic areas, in particular, vinyl and tile flooring are ideal. These flooring types are durable and with the right upkeep will last you a long time. When you need commercial flooring in Philadelphia, PA installed, you can always count on the professionals at Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting to provide the widest array of flooring solutions. We specialize in tile and vinyl flooring options because of their versatility. You can learn more about us or get an estimate by calling 267-622-7158.

Our Commercial Flooring Services

What sets Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting apart from our competitors is the diverse range of service offerings we provide as general contractors. From welding to building roof deck pilot houses to installing tile and vinyl commercial flooring in Philadelphia, PA, you can find a service to meet your needs. Moreover, whatever service we’re providing, you can always count on it to be exceptional. You never have to worry about our crews cutting corners and they always use the highest-quality materials sourced from leading manufacturers.

If you’re a building manager needing new flooring, especially for high-traffic areas, it’s hard to beat vinyl or tile flooring. These materials are valued for being durable, water-resistant, and low maintenance. Keeping the floors swept or vacuumed regularly is a good maintenance regimen. Vinyl tile comes in a wide selection of styles and can be used for a broad range of commercial applications. Vinyl tile, for instance, is excellent for lobbies and reception areas. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well as durable, qualities you want your building to give off a good first impression, especially for areas where foot traffic is heavy. At the same time, because it is so durable, it also works well in your offices. It can stand up equally well to foot traffic and movement of materials like furniture over it. You can find printed vinyl tiles in a variety of colors as well as textures or it can simulate other flooring types like hardwood, stone, and ceramic. 

When we install tile and vinyl flooring, not only do you get an extensive range of materials to choose from, you’ll always be assured of the highest quality materials at competitive prices. When it comes to flooring, the higher the quality, the less you’ll have to worry about the material fading and wearing out too quickly. 

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When it comes to vinyl and tile commercial flooring in Philadelphia, PA, Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting will always find the right solution for you. We offer an extensive range of flooring services including installation. Call us today at 267-622-7158 to learn more about us or get an estimate.