Roof Flashing Installation and Repair

Flashing Around Vents On Roof Membrane

Roof Flashing Installation and Repair Services.

At Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting, we provide comprehensive repairs and replacement work for roof flashing. Flashing is a critical part of your roofing, as it fortifies the uncovered areas of your home's roofing, such as the valleys or edges. Flashing fulfills more than defending exposed areas, however, as it also effectively directs water away from your home's roof, and into your gutters. Do not wait for your flashing to deteriorate any further, call our qualified experts for speedy repairs!

Deteriorated flashing can compromise areas around your roofing system. Roof leakage will impact your ceilings, insulation, walls, and the roofing system itself, and should be addressed. Flashing also draws in water because of the roof’s drainage structure. This makes deteriorated flashing more important to service since it brings water and subsequent leaks it into your home. Phone our team today at 267-622-7158 for any inquiries or issues about roof flashing. Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting represent the local experts for any roof flashing issues.

Signs That Showcase a Requirement for Flashing Repair

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Signs That You Need Flashing Repair.

A requirement for flashing reconstruction can get signaled through these signs. If you detect them, do not hesitate to phone us and set aside time for maintenance. Compromised flashing will result in the necessity for much more pricey restoration, as it makes a roof vulnerable to storms.

Age: It was commonplace with old residences to use roofing cement or tar in the place of flashing. As these substances begin to break down, the owner of the house will need to make service. Whether your flashing has gone past the state of utility can be shown through a quick inspection. New, superior metal flashing gets installed when we provide maintenance or restoration to a home’s flashing protection.

Rust or Corrosion: The day may come when even metal flashing, despite its strength, will require repairs. If the flashing has begun to rust, then it’s ready for service. The presence of rust on your flashing is an indicator that it has outlived its usefulness and become sensitive to rainfall. As rust persists, it will soon corrode the flashing to the condition where it accomplishes nothing.

Roof Leaks: Should you detect leaks in your residence, damaged or incorrectly installed flashing serves as a likely cause. Select pieces of flashing may become especially susceptible to leaks due to your roofing system’s drainage structure. Flashing acts to protect your roofing system from damage, so areas that have begun to leak must get replaced as quickly as possible.

Your Nearby Solution for Flashing

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Roof Flashing Services for Your Philadelphia, PA Home.

Should you have any concerns with roof flashing in Philadelphia, PA, you can contact us at 267-622-7158. Our team can locate troubled areas through a complete check-up, then make the necessary service or installation to update the state of your flashing. At Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting, we are the local experts for all your flashing needs.