Are 3 Tab Shingles Right For You?

3 tab shingles

Are You Interested in 3 Tab Shingles?

Are you a suburban home owner? If so, you may be interested in affordable and reliable shingle varieties such as 3 tab shingles. As the most utilized roofing solution in the country, 3 tab shingles provide resistance to the elements while providing cost-efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance. 3 tab shingles can be utilized for any type of environment, making them a leader in versatile roofing materials, and can also come in almost any color or tint you can think of to offer a completely unique look for your home. Today we will discuss the various ways you home can benefit from 3 tab shingles.

What Are They?

3 tab shingles are named for the three tabs that are cut into the bottom of each sheet providing a look of dimension and depth by appearing as three individual pieces. These shingles deliver protection from weather, wind, and water while updating your home’s appearance. These shingles can be applied over many current roofs, allowing shorter installation time and fewer labor charges.3 tab shingles can be a very inexpensive roofing solution that offers multiple color and texture choices

What Are The Benefits?

3 tab shingles can last up to 25 years when maintained properly and are one of the most cost-efficient solutions available. They resist UV rays, harsh weather, and insect and pests, and can be reinforced for heightened protection. These systems can be supported with extra fortifiers like algae and mildew protection and weather resistance, and can come in multiple colors and textures. This material can resist UV rays, resist wind and hail, and repel water, and can be coated for reinforced Energy Star rated UV protection, algae, mold, and mildew resistance, and heightened weather resistance that can maximize the longevity of your system. .

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