Metal Roofing: Finding the Right Material

What to Consider when Choosing Metal Roofing

Far past the days of noisy tin roofs, metal roofing has soared in popularity over the last decade (and for good reason).  Metal is fire resistant. It’s durable, easy to install, and requires very little maintenance over the years. Knowing which metal works best for you can be a difficult decision. Here is a breakdown of the most popular metal materials in the housing industry.

Rows of Red Metal Shingles

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Copper is a premium roofing choice. Why? Though it’s not as strong as steel, homeowners often utilize copper for its malleable nature and unique luster.  Homes with added copper roofing regularly appreciate in value.  Copper offers a powerful defense against corrosion and can conform to any house design.  If you’re looking for a strong, decorative metal for your home, copper is a great investment.  


The lightest and most weather resistant of these metals, aluminum offers a cost-effective answer to your roofing needs. The metal naturally resists weather corrosion, though it’s faster to lose its sheen compared to copper and steel (nothing a little paint coating can’t fix). Aluminum provides strong insulation against sunlight. Businesses often choose the metal for its energy-efficiency, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.


There’s a reason builders use steel for bridges and skyscrapers.  It’s strong! It’s tough. While steel roofing may be heavier more than aluminum or copper, it weighs less than you probably think.  Steel roofing rarely requires repairs, and it’s slow to show signs of aging.  With a little zinc coating, steel roofs provide capable resistance against weather damage and corrosion.

Metal roofing can be a great investment for your home. Our experts at Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting are excited to discuss your roofing needs!  For a quote on metal roofing in Philadelphia, PA, call us at 267-622-7158.