How To Tell If Your Roof Is At Risk Of A Roof Leak

Roof Leaks

Are Your Shingles In Good Shape?

If you’re a homeowner, you know that your roof can be at risk for many things, including leaks. As with anything in or around your home that can be damaged, earlier repairs are not only faster, but also cheaper. Today we will discuss a few ways you can keep an eye out for potential leaks on your home’s roof. If you find any of the following signs, be sure to call our team right away at 267-622-7158 for fast and affordable help!

Shingle Damage

One of the most common source of roof leaks can be found in minor shingle damage. Your shingles are the first line of defenses in your roofing system, so any damage to those shingles can lead to leaks. Take some time once a month to walk around the base of your home, and just look up at your shingles. You should be able to see if there are any obvious red flags pretty easily. Those red flags include shingles that have lifted or curled away from the roof surface, as wall as any shingles that are becoming shiny as they lose asphalt granules. Also, any shingles that are crooked or even missing are also problems for your roof!

Shingle replacement is a very inexpensive repair service, and much cheaper than leak repair, which often includes the removal of water damaged roofing. So be sure to have any damaged shingles repaired as soon as possible to protect your roof as well as your wallet!