What are Concrete Services?

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How Much Does Concrete Repair Cost?

We all share a longstanding relationship with concrete in a way that not many people fully appreciate. Our roadways, driveways, and the very foundations on which our homes rest all depend on healthy concrete. We depend on the hardy material so much, that an entire industry has sprung up out of concrete services and supplies.

That’s why it feels so alarming when our home concrete starts to develop those large, frightening cracks. Today however, we will discuss how you can respond when the concrete around your home starts to break down. By the end, you should have an idea of how much these services cost and how to respond to the degradation. Let’s jump right in!

Concrete and Services for Repair

Consider how much weight your home’s concrete supports every day. Then add the long-term degradation caused by weather, chemical corrosion, rust displacement, and other hazards, and it’s no wonder that concrete needs a little help every once in a while. When the driveway, garage floor, and foundation slab start to break down, it opens up the path for water to seep in and further damage the material.

That is why prompt repairs are so essential for the life of your concrete. Below, we’ll explore the costs associated with these home repairs and see which ones might be worth tackling yourself.

Damage Causes

What Causes the Damage?

As we’ve mentioned above, some of the most common causes of concrete damage include:

  • Weathering
  • Impact trauma
  • Chemical corrosion
  • Bacterial corrosion
  • Intense heat (fire)
  • Calcium leaching

Fixing Cracks

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Cracked Concrete?

Let’s say you take on a concrete repair expert (or some other handyman) to perform driveway repairs. According to CostHelper.com, you can expect your professional to run up to $200, depending on trends in your community. Large driveways out in the middle of nowhere may run twice as much. Keep in mind, this is for patchwork. The price for replacing the entire driveway will run in the mid thousands, or as much as ten grand for larger projects. Garage floor repairs (typically accomplished with a epoxy concrete sealer) may cost you up to $3000.

Can you patch concrete with thinset? Yes, you always have the option to make repair patches yourself. These don’t always look so great, but they do the job when you’re looking to save a bit of money in the short-term. You’ll find your materials run from $10 to $30 for large buckets of repair mortar. Just expect to take a full afternoon to complete the concrete repair for driveway or garage patches. You’ll also have to pay additional money for the appropriate tools.

Mending Slab Damage

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Cracked Slab?

First of all, never rush in and try to fix a cracked slab by yourself, unless you want to pay tens of thousands of dollars later on when you face further structural damage and emergency plumbing repairs. If you notice water coming out of the driveway or walkway surrounding your home, you might be facing additional pipe damage beneath the home. Consult a structural engineer to assess the scope of the damage.

Large cracks in the side of the slab can run into the upper hundreds, though smaller sections may only cost you $250 or so. That structural engineer will let you know if the problem runs any deeper due to sinking problems. Should you need to add further support with a pile or pier beneath the foundation, expect to pay up to $3000 a pop.

How Often Should You Seal Your Driveway?

One of the best ways to extend the life of your driveway concrete is to seal the top layer. Experts recommend getting your concrete driveway sealed every four to five years. You can select your sealant from a variety of materials, including acrylic sealers, epoxies, silicones, and polyurethanes.

Acrylics offer one of the most affordable options, though you should heavily consider mixing them with a more water-resistant material like silicone. Polyurethanes do a great job at filling in cracks within your concrete to prevent seepage. It’s a variant of the foam insulation used in so many homes throughout the US.

Applying Repairs to a Damaged Section of Concrete

Need an Estimate on Concrete Repair?

Some repairs go beyond our own abilities to handle as homeowners. When that day comes, make sure you talk with a local expert about caring for your concrete, whether that’s in the driveway, garage, or foundation slab. Timely repairs could make all the difference for your home!

Our team at Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting would love to help you with all projects related to concrete repair in Philadelphia, PA. We’ll gladly assess the damage and find a solution that works best for your personal budget. For more details, feel free to talk with our friendly staff at 267-622-7158!