Why do Houses Have Gutters?

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What are the parts of a gutter?

Rainwater has a tendency to erode the ground around structures. Especially when it races off a higher surface and constantly impacts the dirt. Gutter installation creates a solution to that problem by having a channel for the run off water to go into and then be deposited in designated spots around your property with the sole purpose of reducing erosion. A home with a modern gutter system creates multiple benefits to your roof and the property it’s built on. The system directly contributes to saving money when it comes to lawn and yard upkeep. It does this by directing the water away from spots that would be devastated by a constant stream of water that would wash away topsoil and eventually flood areas around your home. 

The pieces of a gutter system are much more complex than what people normally give them credit for. A general gutter system can have every part to them that would sustain a constant pathway for rainwater to be redirected. On older homes, it is not uncommon to be missing something like a gutter cover or a splash protector. With that in mind, you would find these parts on a modern gutter system: 

  • Gutter flashing 
  • Gutter 
  • End cap
  • Slip connector
  • Gutter hanger
  • Gutter drop 
  • Downspout strap and downspout

With a gutter installation, a gutter system can have two possible points of support on your roof. The first and most common is the connection seen on your fascia or the board underneath the edge of your roof. Not as often used, but the still common point of support for a gutter installation is when it is built into your roof especially when valleys are present in the structure.

How long should gutters last?

A gutter installation can last a person an extended period of time depending on a list of factors that are not necessarily in their control but can be negated with a small amount of upkeep to the system. Modern gutter systems last between twenty to fifty years with particular dependency being on the material used and the intensity of the weather. 

One point that should be noted about gutter upkeep that helps keep it lasting for years is keeping it clean and free of materials that could affect it. Unless there are corrosive materials washed off your roof, there isn’t anything that can immediately degrade the metal of gutters. However, when leaves, branches, and granules are allowed to pile up in at gutter it can lead to more strain on the system as well as the fascia it is connected to. It is recommended that regular inspections are apart of the overall care of your gutter system. Companies like ours, Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting in Philadelphia, PA, are more than capable of doing such a service. 

It should be mentioned that there is a debate about a specific part of gutters that are optional to put on and can help with keeping your gutter free of debris, gutter guards. Past models of gutter guards were not as reliable as their modern counterparts. While older installations may have contributed to piling up debris and product failure, modern models are far more successful in keeping larger debris like leaves and branches out of a gutter system. While older models were more made from wire or weaker metals, modern gutter guards are crafted from stronger metals and have the capacity to withstand as much punishment as your gutter.

Which type of gutters is the best?

When you choose to have gutter installation for your home, you have options as to what type of gutter you want. Each can be installed onto a home without any problem and do the job, but some may last longer and some may be cheaper. There aren’t necessarily any drawbacks to each, it more so depends on the material you’re interested in that defines the appearance on your home and how long it will last. The materials that you can use for a gutter are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Copper
  • Galvalume 
  • Vynil 
  • Zinc

While each of those mentioned is highly popular and will last the customer, the cheapest tend to be vynil and the most popular on the market is aluminum. In the same breath, zinc will last a customer the longest in a gutter system while galvalume can take the harshest elements being that it could be considered a hybrid of a sort.

As mentioned, a gutter system can use your home to support it through what is called a “K style.” There is not exactly much more detail in the system except that it looks like the letter when installing into your roof rather than just on the fascia. The system itself does offer more support to gutter installation.

gutter on fascia

Are vynil or metal gutters better?

Vynil gutters are the cheaper option when considering gutter installation for your home. That said, in weather with regular cold snaps or heavy hail, the material can be more easily damaged as compared to the metal alternatives. Furthermore, the reason aluminum and is the most popular on the market is due to the capability of taking more than vynil while not being very expensive. Other metals for gutter installation, however, can take far more damage and do not dent as much in the face of hail. Such materials are galvalume and steel. For more information on gutter installation, call 267-622-7158 today and talk to a Armour Seal Exteriors, Roofing, Masonry and Contracting representative.