Signs Your Gutters Need Repairs

Signs Your Gutters Need Repairs

Look Out for These Signs for When You Gutters Need Repairs

The gutters on our roof ensure that our roof is safe from any water damage. Because gutters are an important component to our roofing system, it’s important to get gutter repairs whenever you see a problem. But what are some common gutter repair signs to look out for? Below are signs you need gutter repairs.

Pooling Water By Your Foundation

If you see any water by your home’s foundation, that is a sign your gutters are damaged and need repairs. The foundation of our home is essential and if water creeps into the foundation, it can smell trouble for the rest of your home.

The Gutters Are Leaking

This is the most common and easy sign to look out for. If you notice leaks in your gutters, you will need to get them repaired right away.

The Gutters Are Sagging

This can be due to too much water in the gutters or clogged gutters, either way, it’s not good and can cause the gutters to sag and separate¬†from the edge of the roof, making its job completely useless.

You Notice Peeling Paint

Is the paint on your exterior wall peeling? While it could be a sign of something else, it is also an indicator of gutter repair.

Rusty Gutters

Usually, when we see parts of the gutters that are rusty, that means those areas are worn. This is a good time to get those repairs before they become worse.

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