Saving Money With Roof Coatings

Your roof system is an expensive investment that serves to protect your entire home. New innovations in the roofing industry have produced roof coatings that can offer extreme benefits to every type of roof, commercial or residential. In fact, residential roof coatings offer up to 10 extra years of life for your roof material. Not only that, but these coatings provide lasting advantages that can save you hassle and money.

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How Can a Roof Coating Help My Home?

Roof coatings are applied to your current roof material so there is no need for removal or roof replacement. This in itself can save you thousands. These coatings also provide key benefits like:

  • Increasing the Lifespan of Your Roof=
  • Adding a Clean, Uniform Appearance
  • Restoring the Durability and Strength of Your Roof
  • Delivering Repair for Minor Damages

No matter what type of roof material you have, there is a roof coating that can reinforce and strengthen your roofing system. Roof coatings of any type provide damage repair for cuts, tears, and otherwise damaged materials to deliver the ultimate home protection. They can also prevent new damages with their durable, flexible formulas. These coatings also offer extreme savings over the years by delivering unbeatable UV protection that decreases your energy bills. Some HVAC systems, such as a Carrier brand unit, also provide decreased energy use, contributing even more savings to your household. These two updates along with door and window resealing can save you up to 50 percent on your annual energy costs.

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