How do you update an old kitchen?

clean white sink in kitchen

Are you tired of your kitchen?

It has aged well and served its purpose. However, a facelift and update wouldn’t hurt. Kitchen remodeling is one of the biggest things going for homeowners today and for two good reasons: 

  1. Comfort and convenience for you while you live there
  2. When you’re ready to sell, you’ll see a big ROI 

If you’ve never done a kitchen remodeling yourself or had one done, then it can feel like an ominous challenge. With all the online kitchen remodel and design information today, it is easier than you’re thinking. Many big box home improvement stores offer classes, and the personnel in that department are experienced and trained. They are there for help, so ask away!  To get you started, we’ve pulled up some FAQs and provided answers that can help.

When remodeling your kitchen do you do the floors first?

Generally, installing the hardwood floors first is the basic rule if you do a complete kitchen remodeling that includes replacing the cabinets. You need to think through the entire process and discuss your pans with a cabinet specialist and a flooring specialist. If you find one person that specializes in both, awesome! Why is it better to install the flooring first? 

  1. Heights: Standard cabinet height is thirty-six inches above the floor, the same height as the appliances.    
  2. Flexibility:  The cabinetry style won’t last as long as the hardwood flooring style, and they will need to be repaired or replaced over the years. With hardwood throughout, you have the flexibility to change the cabinetry footprint or move the appliances.  
  3. Clean:  You’ll have a cleaner look when you install the hardwood floors first because quarter round won’t be needed as the hardwood flooring flows smoothly under the cabinets.
  4. Safer:  With the flooring done first, you’ll avoid accidentally nicking or staining the cabinetry while installing the flooring and other kitchen remodeling activity.  

What is the cheapest way to update a kitchen?      

If you’re not totally in love with your kitchen, but your shoe-string budget can’t afford a total kitchen remodeling, we have a few ideas to share with you that are easy and, best of all, kitchen remodel for cheap! Mix and match the following, or do them all: 

  1. Get Artsy: Fill that blank wall, the empty space above cabinets, or empty counter space, a piece of random art will give your kitchen a new look in a subtle way. 
  2. Rug It: Even with good flooring in place, a rug will add color and give your feet a little cushion.
  3. Paint It: No, not the whole kitchen, just a little something. Maybe there is that weird little bump out in the wall, or the wall behind the vent-a-hood. 
  4. Paper It: Same with the paint feature, wallpaper can do the same thing and with the peel-and-stick options in wallpaper today, it is so much easier than it used to be. 
  5. Light It Up: No need to worry with hardwiring, a unique table lamp on the cabinets can give a kitchen that warm glow. 
  6. Bar Stool Swap: Swap out the bar stools around your kitchen island or recover the cushions on the current bar stools.
  7. Add Colorful Appliance: Coffee makers, toasters, mixers, all come in bright colors today are equivalent to throw pillows on the sofa, even a brightly colored tea kettle.
  8. Window Treatments: Maybe it is time to update your kitchen curtains? 
  9. Splash with New Backsplash: Thanks to the peel-and-stick process, you can add backsplash easily and fast with no grout! 
  10. Shelf It: Maybe open shelving in the kitchen isn’t your thing, but what kitchen couldn’t use more shelving for storage?! 

How can I update my kitchen without replacing cabinets?

The kitchen is the focal of the home today, so it is used a lot. It can get dated and worn after a few years, but kitchen remodeling isn’t in everyone’s budget. What can you do to update your kitchen without a fortune? 

  • Paint the cabinets and/or walls
  • Replace the appliances
  • Replace the cabinet hardware, countertop, faucet or sink
  • Add pendant lighting

Can a kitchen remodel be a tax write off?

Yes and no. In general, repairs are not tax-deductible, like repairing plumbing under a leaking sink. If the property is your personal residence, then kitchen remodeling is not tax-deductible. 

Here are tax deductions you take on kitchen remodeling: 

  • If a part of home is used for business, it may be a qualified for a home office deduction. However, unless that business is kitchen related, a kitchen remodeling is not going to be deductible. 
  • Home improvements are tax deductible if you’re making them to sell your home and they add value to the property. 
brown kitchen with marble counters

What are kitchen trends for 2020?

Kitchen and Bath shows for 2020 had a lot to share for the trends this year, but we don’t have room to list it all. Here are 5 that we found the most interesting: 

  • Calacatta Marble: If you’re a marble person, you probably know this is the cousin to Carrara Marble. Why is it trending? The veining is more pronounced and gives the kitchen a graphic bold appeal in cool and warm tones. 
  • The Unconventional: Out-of-the-ordinary is going to keep on from the 2010s, even more so! Brass sheets on the backsplash and countertops with  leather-wrapped cabinets. Yup – that unconventional!
  • Simple and Sleek: Simplicity says it all! 
  • Cantina for the Dog: 2020 will be the of the fur babies in the kitchen. They just want to eat with us, but they make as much mess as a toddler in a highchair. Turn a kitchen cabinet into an alcove where they can and contain their mess too. 
  • Green: It is all about environmentally friendly green is smart and the color green goes with any kitchen scheme. 

Is it worth doing a kitchen renovation?

The rule of thumb is to spend no more than two percent of the property value for kitchen remodeling or other big-ticket rooms like the bathrooms. However, it would help if you spent enough to get the max in results. Instead of a high-end renovation, average kitchen remodeling will pay off. Call 267-622-7158 today for kitchen renovation in Philadelphia, PA.